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ThermoVu™ DTM - 500
ThermoVu™ DTM - 500
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ThermoVu™ DTM - 500

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ThermoVu™ is a non-contact temperature-screening instrument that measures temperature through the wrist and controls entry to facilities when temperature measurements exceed pre-determined parameters. ThermoVu™ provides an instant pass/fail audible tone with its temperature display and controls access to facilities based on such results. It can be widely applied in schools, office buildings, subway stations, airports and other public venues.

ThermoVu™ has optional features such as facial recognition to improve facility security by restricting access based on temperature and/or facial recognition reasons. 

- Quick fever detection, 20-30 persons/minute
- Instant pass/fail audible tone with temperature display
- Accurate measurement, ±0.5°F (±0.3°C)
- Non-contact wrist measurement from a distance of 1-2 inches
- Adjustable to 5’ ¾” in height
- Suitable for schools, enterprises, apartments, factories and more


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