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Free shipping on orders of $150+ for Shield Cleansers
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Hand Sanitizer Wipes (per case)
Shield Cleansers

Hand Sanitizer Wipes (per case)

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These pre-moistened disinfectant wipes are 75% Alcohol and can be used to sanitize hands to kill 99.9% of germs – effectively preventing cross-contamination and the potential spread of viruses and diseases. Perfect for use in supermarkets, retail stores, fitness centers, restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities, schools and universities, daycare centers, and more. They meets FDA safety requirements for use on hands and skin.

  • Resealable opening to keep wipes moist
  • Packs of 25 sheets or Canisters of 100 sheets
  • Topical solution, antiseptic hand rub
  • Made in USA (FDA/ISO certified facility)
  • Large sheet size (6.7” x 7.9”)
  • FDA National Drug Code Approved